Just when you thought George Clooney and Amal Clooney couldn’t get any cooler, the famous couple are alleged “shoo-ins” for the role of godparents to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle‘s first-born baby, Grazia reported.

It all began when George, 57, and Amal, 40, were invited to and dubbed as the most high-profile guests at the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s wedding in May. Following the royal nuptials, the Clooneys supposedly invited Harry, 34, and Meghan 37, for a vacation in Lake Como, Italy in August. The couples also allegedly spent time together at the Clooney’s extravagant Berkshire home.

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“Amal and Meghan are much more friendly with each other and talk more regularly than George and Harry do,” a source revealed to E! News after a few couple-rendezvous. “They have become really close friends.” In fact, Meghan met Amal before she even met Harry. The Duchess of Sussex and the human rights lawyer apparently “met through their shared UN connections many years ago, before she [Meghan] met Harry,” Grazia reported. “Meghan really looks up to Amal.”

It’s not surprising that Meg and Amal would be instant friends. The two definitely have a lot to bond over, considering they are both involved in humanitarian work. They also share the annoyance of facing scrutiny over marrying an extremely famous and beloved man. “They have been able to relate on a lot about their lifestyles, especially how to deal with being thrust into new situations in the public spotlight,” the E! source said, adding that “Amal is like a confidante to Meghan.”

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Sounds like Meg would perhaps be extremely happy with George and Amal as her baby’s godparents. Ben Breslin, George’s cousin, told Grazia about his thoughts on George and Amal becoming royal godparents. “George would make a wonderful godfather, and we’ve loved Amal ever since we met her. George picked a winner,” Ben gushed.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are reportedly expected to attend a dinner party at George and Amal’s home next month. If Meghan and Harry are truly interested in having George and Amal as the godparents of their child, perhaps maybe they will ask the Clooney’s that night? Stay tuned!

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