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Test Your Celebrity Knowledge With These Fun ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Puzzles

How well do you know your celebrity pop culture? Be honest. If you're the type of person to excel at trivia nights or shout at the television during Wheel of Fortune, then we have a treat for you that's perfect for both puzzle lovers and entertainment junkies.

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Here's how to play. The slides below show a board that has a phrase on it. However, the entire phrase isn't shown — several letters are missing from each one. Your goal is to solve the phrase using the clues provided. Once you have your answer, click "next" to see the answer revealed. See? Simple. It's just like Wheel of Fortune, although without the wheel, money, or Vanna White.

Here's something to keep in mind while solving the puzzles. Most of the answers are people, shows, or events that we write about often here on Closer. So don't waste your time thinking of answers that are out of left field — we're not trying to trick you! Also — and this is important — don't cheat! Sure you can Google the clues provided, but what's the fun in that?

Think you have what it takes? Take our celebrity-themed Wheel of Fortune game now!