Actor Hugh Jackman must really be The Greatest Showman if he expects his fans to pay upwards of $600 for a single ticket to his world tour in 2019. Despite ticket sales doing very well with most shows already sold out, some fans are slamming the Wolverine actor for charging so high for admission.

“How could a normal person on a normal wage afford it?” one fan wrote on Twitter last week after tickets for his show in London was released. “I was really excited to see a live tour but I must admit I almost fainted at these prices,” another Twitter user wrote.

Tickets for the 50-year-old’s UK shows for his The Man. The Music. The Show. tour range from £39 to £341, which is equivalent to $70 to $600. Yikes! While some people typically spend around $100 to see a show or concert, fans who weren’t able to grab tickets right way to Hugh’s show were then left with the most expensive seats since the cheaper tickets sold out in seconds.

This certainly did not sit well with many fans who claimed it wasn’t even financially viable for some families to go to the show. “Seriously who is buying these?” one fan angrily questioned. “[Hugh] is next May/June [in London] but unless you want to spend megabucks, there are no reasonable priced seats left. I am not paying £300 for a ticket,” another follower wrote.

While many fans were disappointed with the high prices, many others were thrilled to have the opportunity to see Hugh perform live. “We are going to see you in Amsterdam. We can’t wait to see your performance, sir!” one fan excitedly announced. “I’ve spent the last year caring for my husband who was diagnosed with leukemia, caring for our three kids, working full time. Your music kept us singing. I scored tickets for the Chicago show. I can’t wait to hear you live,” another fan revealed.

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Visiting and performing on the Today show on Dec. 4, Hugh expressed his gratitude to all the fans of The Greatest Showman after announcing that he would be going on a one-man-show tour. “I’m going to cities all over America, we’re going to Europe, we’re going to the UK, we’re going back to Australia,” he said while expressing that this tour is a “dream come true.”

For the world tour, Hugh will be performing songs from The Greatest Showman and Les Misérables, as well as other stage classics. Currently, the tour has 44 dates listed on the actor’s official website. Dates for Australia will also be announced soon.