Earlier this week, there was a tease that Hugh Jackman was going to be making a big announcement on NBC’s Today show. For the fanboys out there, there’s no doubt that images of a resurrected Wolverine came to mind, with the notion that Hugh would be fighting alongside Robert Downey, Jr. and the rest of The Avengers for the first time on the big screen. Well, quit sharpening your homemade claws in anticipation, guys, because Hugh’s news (even more exciting to many) is that next year he’s hitting the concert stage in a big way.

“I’m doing a big arena tour,” Hugh revealed on the show. “This is a dream come true for me. I’ve done it in Australia, but now I’m going to go around the world; I’m going to cities all over America, we’re going to Europe, we’re going to the UK, we’re going to Australia. I’m dancing, I’m telling stories.”

So is this really a one-man show? “Yeah,” he smiled, “a one-man show with a 20-piece orchestra and about 30 singers and dancers. I’ll be doing songs from The Greatest Showman, from Les MisThe Boy From Oz, and stuff that I auditioned for that I didn’t get cast.”


(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

A big part of the show will consist of Hugh telling stories about his life and experiences. “I love going to a concert when I feel something happens that night that could only happen then,” he explained. “I try to keep it loose. I have special guests and we’re going to have a party. But whether it’s 300 people, 3,000 or 13,000, it has to feel like a celebration and you have to connect.”

Additionally, there’s a stage version of Hugh’s film musical The Greatest Showman in development as possibly a Broadway show. On that subject, he said in a previous interview, “When we were putting this together, we workshopped it like we would a Broadway show. My theatrical bones know that that would work. There’s a lot of people working on what a live version of that would be. Is it something that’s on the West End or in Vegas? Is it a touring tent show? Is it an arena spectacular? All I know is when we were in the room during those workshops, you get a really keen sense if it’s going to work in a theater. And I know it will work. I just know the power.”