Legendary singer Dionne Warwick opens up about fashion, future goals and her plans for retirement in these five facts you might not know about her.

I Have a Bucket List

She’s sold more than 100 million records during her 60-year career and is being honored by the Kennedy Center in December, but there’s much more Dionne, 82, wants to accomplish. “There’s still the Oscar, the Emmy, the Tony, not necessarily that order,” says the singer.

Marlene Dietrich Gave Me Fashion Advice 

“Once she saw the clothing that I was going to be performing in, she was not too pleased,” says Dionne, who became friends with the actress while on tour in Europe. “She said, ‘No, you must wear couture.’ Well, what is couture? She proceeded to show me, and I have not worn anything [else] ever since.”

I Don’t Believe in Psychics

Despite hosting infomercials for the Psychic Friends Network in the 1990s, Dionne says she’s not a believer. “It was during a period of time when my recordings were not being played on radio as much. It was a way to earn a very, very comfortable living,” she admits. “I can’t nor would I ever think about taking it seriously.”

I Want to Retire in Brazil 

“I’ve been in love with Brazil since my first tour in 1966. It beckons me,” says Dionne, who plans to move there when she stops working. “I will be laying in Bahia, where I want to spend the rest of my life, enjoying the sunshine, the music, the people and me.”

Dionne Warwick wears mint green two-piece sete while holding microphone on stage
Santiago Felipe/Getty Images

I’m the Twitter Queen

“[Fans] gave me the title,” says Dionne, who began using the social media platform, now called X, during the pandemic. “It is the most amazing, fun and surprising thing in the world.”