Even as grandparents, Goldie Hawn, 67, and Kurt Russell, 62, still feel like lovestruck teenagers a full three decades after their romance began.

Goldie raved about Kurt exclusively to Closer, telling us, “He’s a wonderful playmate and very sexy!” Aside from her physical attraction to Kurt, she goes on to say, “I love so many things about him! He’s extraordinary in terms of his lust for life. He has a brilliant mind and is an amazing father and partner.”

Kurt is equally as smitten saying, “I just like her,” admitting that he gets butterflies every time he sees his soul mate. “I like the way she looks and behaves,” he said, “and she always has an interesting point of view.”

Goldie also revealed their secret for maintaining their strong connection. “We’re always finding time for each other.” Of course, the duo has hit a few bumps along the way, “but that’s the fun of being together for 30 years,” Kurt enthused. “We’ve had ups, downs, sideways and everything else!”