It’s hard to believe that a kid who had trouble speaking would become an actor with over 500 film and TV projects, but Eric Roberts knows a lot about beating the odds. “I had a terrible stutter as a boy,” Eric, 63, revealed to Closer Weekly in an exclusive interview, on newsstands now. “I found out at around 5 years old that when I memorized stuff, I could speak. So from that point until now, I’ve loved being an actor.”

Having parents who founded an acting school in Atlanta helped, and his success inspired his younger sister Julia Roberts and daughter Emma Roberts to fulfill their Hollywood dreams. “I would like to think that’s thanks to me. I’m just so proud of her, I can’t see straight,” he said of his sister Julia, who has starred in a plethora of hit movies. “I’m also very proud of the fact that I gave the world the person that grew up to play Pretty Woman. Even I watch the movie once a year, just to feel good. It’s such fun.”

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But while there was a lot of good that happened to Eric, there were even more obstacles for him to overcome. In 1981, The Dark Knight actor got into a car accident that forced him to learn how to walk and talk again. He also suffered from a drug addiction that lasted decades — but was lucky enough to stop. “Frankly, I just lived long enough to look back and go ‘God, that’s stupid,’ and get to be ahead of it, finally,” he said of his addiction. “I didn’t kill myself, so I’m very lucky in that respect.”

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Fortunately, he found a guardian angel in his wife of 26 years, Eliza Roberts. So, what’s their secret? “Honesty is so important,” Eric shared. “And sex! If you have those, you have a relationship — and a good one.”

His marriage to Eliza, 66, is so strong, the Stalked by My Doctor actor dished that he misses her when she’s not around. “I was on a trip for only three days and I thought, ‘God, I hate being away from her!'” he adorably gushed to Closer. “I can’t stand it, because I got old with her, this is my roommate, my pal, my confidante, my manager, the girl I kiss.” They are marriage goals!

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