It seems that Elton John and his husband, David Furnish, may have trouble knocking at their door. A 29-year-old mother named Mari Kieran has claimed that one of the couple’s dogs attacked her daughter, Charlotte. The five-year-old, who was believed to be visiting Elton’s mansion as part of a play date with his sons, Elijah and Zachary, was reportedly left with deep scratches on her face and scarring — not only that but her mother said she’s been to therapy since being bitten. What’s worse for Kieran is that she says that Elton hasn’t said sorry.

“The dog didn’t just nip her, it bit her in the face and left scarring. I’m really upset there’s never been a phone call asking if there was anything they could do,” Kieran said, according to The Sun.

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Kieran added that Charlotte came inside from Elton’s garden to pat one of his spaniels, who was sleeping in the kitchen. According to Kieran, the dog then attacked her daughter, leaving Charlotte with deep scratches and bite marks around her eyes, before a chef managed to intervene and pull the dog away. “She was shaking and her eyes were glazed. I’ve never seen a child so traumatized,” she said. “How would you feel if a dog bit your face? She was only five.”

Elton and David are believed to have been out of the country in LA when the alleged incident occurred, but Kieran said she is furious they haven’t personally called her or apologize for what happened. “This is about everyday human decency and values and ethics. And when it comes to the crunch this is about a child,” she continued.

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In response to the story, a spokesperson for Elton and David said the opposite and stated, “When this incident was reported back to Elton and David two years ago it was detailed as a minor nip on the nose by their spaniel who was startled by Charlotte. Three attempts were made to check on Charlotte’s wellbeing following the incident, to the mother and her nanny and each time they confirmed that Charlotte was perfectly fine. I can also confirm that Elton and David have never ever had any complaints about their dogs’ behavior.'”

This post was written by Ellie McDonald. It originally appeared on our sister site, Now to Love.