Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres and her wife, Portia de Rossi, have one of the best marriages in Hollywood because they support each other! While recently appearing on David Letterman’s Netflix series, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, Ellen revealed why she thinks they have such a close bond.

“She’s fantastic, she’s very, very funny,” Ellen, 61, gushed about her other half. “She makes me laugh, which is really important.” Plus, the comedian can always rely on Portia, 46, to tell it like it is. When the talk show host decided to do her stand-up comedy special for Netflix called Relatable, Portia didn’t hesitate to voice her concerns.

“We’ve been together for 15 years and she had never seen me do stand-up, because I hadn’t done stand up in 15 years so when I made the deal, she was like, ‘Why are you adding this to your plate? You have so much going on, this is just going to be stressful,’” Ellen explained.

“But then when she saw me do stand-up, she just loved it and she went to every single performance and gave me notes,” Ellen continued. “It was great because then she’d tell me if I did something one night a little bit better or if I missed, [she’d say] ‘You forgot to do this!’ She got way into it. She wants me to go on tour.”

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Not only is Portia supportive of Ellen, but she also helps her live her best life. “Portia understands me completely,” Ellen previously revealed to Good Housekeeping. “In our vows, she recited a quote — ‘It is good to be loved. It is profound to be understood’ — and to me, that’s everything. What ‘I love you’ really means is ‘I understand you,’ and she loves me for everything that I am. She supports me and makes me happy.”

We wish these two nothing but the best!