It seems that Ellen DeGeneres may be dancing her way to Australia as reports are stating that her and her wife Portia de Rossi are looking for a home Down Under.

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi Are Headed for Divorce — Find out What Ended Their Relationship

An insider recently had this to say to InTouch: “They put an offer in on a $20 million estate near Portia’s family home in Horsham, Victoria.” The insider also adds that 45-year-old Portia “really wants to spend at least six months of the year there for a few years, then they can think about living there full time.” But that doesn’t exactly line up with what 60-year-old Ellen wants as the insider also reveals that to Ellen, “California is home to her and she can’t imagine permanently moving to the other side of the world.”

Man, $20 million. That sure buys a lot of dancing shoes. But regardless of what Ellen and Portia decide, you can at least guarantee that Ellen will continue to scare people, make people participate in absurd games and make sure that everyone gets up off their seat at her show and dances. Actually being part of her show seems like a lot of pressure.

Ellen and Porta
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When Ellen isn’t forcing people to dance regardless of how they feel, she is apparently taking care of Olivia Wilde’s children. A little while back the actress revealed that her children thought that Ellen was their mother for the longest time. It all kicked off when Olivia revealed that she keeps quite the portrait of Ellen outside her kids’ bedrooms, so “it’s the first thing that they see when they wake up,” she said. Ellen then asked Olivia what her kids think about the painting: “Do they say, ‘Who is that lady?’” Ellen asked. Olivia then jokingly revealed, “Yeah, they say, ‘Oh, that’s our real mother,’ And I say, ‘Yes.’”

Someone tell Olivia’s kids that their “mom” may reportedly be moving to a country where insects are bigger than humans.