On the Tuesday, Sept. 18 episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Olivia Wilde hilariously revealed that her kids, son Otis, 4, and one-year-old daughter Daisy, think Ellen DeGeneres is actually their mom! Apparently, Olivia keeps a portrait of the talk show host wearing a yellow bathing suit directly outside of her children’s bedrooms so “it’s the first thing that they see when they wake up,” she shared.

The 34-year-old starlet explained that before she moved the painting — which was gifted to her by Ellen — to a hallway, it was once hanging above her bed. And, Olivia even recently shared a throwback photo of the funny decor to celebrate National Dog Day. 

Last August, Olivia shared the funny photo of the Ellen portrait above her bed with the caption, “In honor of #NationalDogDay: The late great Paco, @TheEllenShow, and I, happily in bed together back in our youth. #AdoptDontShop.”

After seeing the photo online, Ellen thought Olivia took her gag gift seriously. “I gave it to you six years ago,” Ellen joked on her show and Olivia responed, “It’s only appreciated in value to us.” Ellen then asked what Olivia’s kids think about the painting since they see it everyday at home. 

“Do they say, ‘Who is that lady?'” Ellen asked. Then, Olivia jokingly revealed, “Yeah, they say, ‘Oh, that’s our real mother,’ And I say, ‘Yes.'”

Olivia’s daughter will turn two years old next month but the star said she’s not afraid of Daisy going through the “terrible twos.” Olivia admitted that Daisy is “very grown up” and she’s already “amazed by her.” She revealed that her son, Otis, is also starting to figure out what he likes and for him, it’s techno music. 

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“I don’t know how he discovered it, but Ibiza-style, techno, spring-break, dance-party pop,” Olivia joked. “We think he might be going out at night and hittin’ the club.'” Trying to find a reason why Otis developed such a random taste in music, the proud mom blamed it on his friends and warned Ellen, “This is why you shouldn’t send them to school.”