She’s getting serious! Debra Messing just made it loud and clear that she is officially ready to find love. The Will & Grace star candidly admitted to Ellen DeGeneres on Thursday, January 24’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show that she is looking for some men to date!

“I have been open. No one has asked me on a date. Not one — zero,” the 50-year-old actress said while explaining that though one of her 2018 resolutions was to play the field, she struck out the entire year. “Where are you going?” the 60-year-old host asked Debra. “No one’s asking me anywhere!” she joked. Watch their funny convo below!

Though she wants to go on one-on-one dates, Ellen suggested that Debra switch things up and try something new like getting a group of single girlfriends together to go out. But Debra revealed that’s her problem — none of her friends are available!

“Are you good at setting people up?” the SAG award-winning actress asked, insinuating that Ellen should find her an eligible bachelor to date. “I’m so good at setting people up — let me know what [you’re] looking for. I have set so many people up,” Ellen, who’s been married to wife Portia de Rossi for over 10 years, enthusiastically responded.

It didn’t take long before Debra began listing all of her qualifications for a potential boyfriend. “Really smart, really funny, cares about the world,” she began. “That third one is really tricky.” The mom-of-one added that she’d “rather not” date someone in Hollywood but is “open” to the possibility and even admitted she’d date someone either 10 years older or younger than her.

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While looking for a new beau sounds like a good idea for The Wedding Date actress, we wonder whether or not her 14-year-old son, Roman Walker, would have an issue with her hitting the dating scene. Surprisingly enough, Debra revealed that Roman has been “begging” her “to go on a date” with someone. “I want to give him the gift of me going on a date, at this point,” she joked.

We’re glad to see that Roman supports his mama regardless of her split from her ex-husband and his dad, Daniel Zelman, in 2011. Even though a friend close to Debra once revealed to Closer Weekly that the actress would most likely never remarry, we still hope Debra can find herself a new man if that’s what she wants!