Why pay for a stylist when you have a son who will blatantly tell you if he likes your outfit or not? Well, that’s apparently the case for Debra Messing, who didn’t hesitate to tell reporters at the Critics’ Choice Awards on Sunday, Jan, 13 that her 14-year-old son, Roman Zelman, is her toughest critic when it comes to fashion.

According to the Will & Grace star, her teenager doesn’t hold anything back when he thinks her style could be better. “He has very strong opinions about what I’m wearing,” Debra, 50, revealed. “I’ll put something on and he’ll be like, ‘I like that.’ I’ll put something else on and he’ll be like, ‘Nope.’

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So does she take her son’s advice to heart? Since Debra always looks like a superstar on the red carpet, it’d be easy to assume she does. “You know what? 99 percent of the time, he’s right,” the red-haired beauty dished. “So he’s got a good eye.” However, she doesn’t always take her son’s advice after admitting that she’ll go back and look at a photo of an outfit that didn’t go over so well and say to herself, “I should have listened to him.”

Not only is Debra’s style on point but her figure is, too. When once asked if she follows a specific workout regime, Debra revealed that she just eats “super, super, super plain.” And although she isn’t participating in any trendy diets or programs, there are a lot of cuisines that Debra stays away from. “No meat, no gluten, no grains, no alcohol, no coffee, no sugar,” the actress listed.

Debra Messing
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You’re probably wondering how Debra deprives herself of such mouthwatering meals, but she insisted that she has a method to her madness. “It also helps with my energy through awards season. It’s so relentless, so non-stop, that I have to really be vigilant in order to be able to enjoy every minute of it.”

And after decades in the business, it’s not surprising that Debra knows what works for her. She even shared some things that she’s learned throughout her career. “I’m much, much more gentle with myself, and I think that I have a clarity about what is really important, and I think I listen to my own voice in a way that I didn’t when I was younger,” the mom-of-one said. “I wish I had.”