Actress Ellen Barkin is known for letting a few expletives fly on her Twitter page, but back on Nov. 4, the “Ocean’s Thirteen” star let her more conservative mother take the reigns.

No profanity was used as 90-year-old "Bubbie" tweeted to Ellen’s 140,000+ followers. Her 59-year-old daughter initiated the back and forth by tweeting, “Hello out there…with your help I would like to introduce my 90 yr old mother to twitter. Let the chatting begin!"

But the chatting didn’t last long as Bubbie was more interested in watching TV than conquering Twitter: “Bubbie's gonna watch TCM now…she's a nite owl…natch. Say good nite ma…”

Ellen also revealed that she was helping her mother type the tweets out during their session. "LMAO, ma. BTW, she's been making fun of how slow I type all nite. She was very fast in her day…if you catch my drift."

But before the new tweeter signed off for good, she made sure to send her thanks to Ellen’s followers.

We see where the star gets her sense of humor!