Talk about taking it easy! Eddie Murphy has been relaxing and not working as much the past few years — in fact, the comedian revealed exactly what he’s been up to.

“Fun for me is sitting on the couch at home with [wife] Paige [Butcher] within earshot of my children and doing nothing. And that’s what I did for the last six years,” the actor told Closer Weekly and other reporters at the Los Angeles premiere of Dolemite Is My Name. “Seven!” Paige adds, reminding her husband that he miscalculated the years off he’s had.

Eddie Murphy Paige Butcher
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The Coming to America star has been married to the actress since 2012. They share two kids, Izzy, 3, and Max, 9 months. However, the A-lister also has 8 more children — Eric, 30, Bria, 29, Christian, 28, Miles, 26, Shayne, 24, Zola, 19, Bella, 17, and Angel, 12. Eddie is also happy to be back in the spotlight.

“It feels good to be doing some funny stuff. I got a nice little rest and I got some funny things lined up and that’s a good feeling,” the Oscar nominee revealed.

The funnyman will be returning to host Saturday Night Live on December 21, more than three decades since the last time he hosted it in 1984. He will also be going on a stand-up tour in the near future. In his latest project, Dolemite Is My Name, Eddie plays Rudy Ray Moore, who was a comedian and a rap pioneer.

Eddie Murphy
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“I’m really happy that it turned out the way it turned out,” Eddie said of the film. “When we did this we thought it was going to be a small little thing and we thought that we were part of a cult of people that loved Rudy Ray Moore and we want to tell his story and we didn’t anticipate this. We didn’t think that it would turn into this movie that would be the hot flick. And we didn’t think it was going to be that. And that’s a great feeling. A great, pleasant, surprise.”

“I think his story was a great inspiration story and he’s the person that people don’t know about,” Eddie added.

Dolemite Is My Name is set to be released on October 4.