When it comes to his personal life, Dr. Oz has always been open and honest — and he has done the same when it comes to his mom’s battle with Alzheimer’s.

The TV personality took to Instagram on Wednesday, October 16, to share an update on his mom, Suna, on her battle with the disease after revealing the harsh news with everyone earlier this year. “It’s been a few weeks since I last shared an update on my mom’s condition following her #alzheimers diagnosis,” the 59-year-old wrote alongside a photo of he and his mother. “Now that we know what’s going on, we are laser focused on solutions. We have some great physicians helping with advice, and she is on newer medications. We’re also better at picking up subtle signs and clues around lifestyle changes. For example, mom seems to thrive after daily exercise.”

Dr. Oz Suna

“As I’ve discussed throughout Season 11 of my show, the power that one person holds is immense. Early intervention is key to Alzheimer’s prevention and slowing down its progress,” Dr. Oz continued. “What’s my power of one? I’m interested in making my mom’s life easier. That means I’m leaving no stone unturned when it comes to treatment. That’s why research on nasal spray piqued my interest — it may be able to help patients in the early stages of the disease.”

Fans of course rushed to the comments section to share words of hope and encouragement. “So precious! Remember to live in your mom’s ‘present moment’ with her; wherever her mind takes her, go there with her,” one person suggested. Another added, “You are so lucky to have each other.”

This isn’t the first time Dr. Oz has spoken about his mom’s battle. Earlier this year he revealed that he felt bad after learning of her diagnoses. “I’m feeling guilty because I completely missed the signs until fairly late in the process,” he told People, adding that learning of what was going on was a “gut punch” for him. “Everyone in my family probably could’ve figured this out, myself included. But my wishful thinking was that it was just mom being a little bit older, she’s stressed out, my dad was ill. And so we lost our truth.”

Dr. Oz

He added, “Alzheimer’s is like a snake in the grass. You don’t see it. You only see the effects of it suddenly. And if there’s a wind blowing the grass, you don’t even notice the grass moving strangely. It sneaks up on you.”

We truly wish Dr. Oz’s mom nothing but the best in her fight!