He was one of the most famous singers of the mid-20th century, but now that Dean Martin has passed, his daughter Deana Martin has been doing everything in her power to make sure no one forgets about her dad.

“I record all of his music and I do all of my shows, and I have his sense of humor,” Deana, 71, exclusively told Closer Weekly while attending a special Diamond Gala for Patsy’s Italian Restaurant 75th Anniversary Celebration. “So that’s how I keep him alive — just with the respect. I learned from the best — [my father], Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., and of course I grew up with Rosemary Clooney — they were my parents’ friends — and Bobby Darin, so they taught me many many things.”

Dean Martin Frank Sinatra

Deana — a successful singer — also revealed all the times she would spend with the “New York, New York” singer, especially at the famous eatery. “Coming with my dad and Uncle Frank [was my favorite memory from here]. I was young so it was in the ’60s and I was a little girl and then through the years I would come back of course,” Deana gushed. “I would have the spaghetti and meatballs which is my absolute favorite and it’s just for me, we’ve been coming here for years and years and it’s like coming home only the food is better.”

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Having spent almost all of her life around iconic singers, it is no surprise that Deana followed the same career path — in fact, she tours “280 days out of the year.” But what keeps her going? “I love what I do and it’s something that I think I was meant to do,” Deana said. “I think I was born to do this and maybe that’s why I was named Deana Martin — and I just love what I do. And it’s hard work! It was funny my dad he always made it look so simple and easy. It’s not! It’s a tough business. It’s hard. It’s a lot of work.”

Dean Martin Frank Sinatra Sammy Davis Jr

These days Deana continues to be inspired by her father’s work. “I love it and the music and it means so much to everybody and to hear after a show when people come up to me and say ‘great show, fantastic and I loved your dad, He was great.’ So it’s fantastic for me to be able to do this,” she revealed. Deana also tries to hold on to family traditions, especially during the time of her dad’s passing.

“I do Christmas shows because [my father] passed away on Christmas and he’s with me all the time because I’m singing his songs all the time, and my own songs, but there’s something very special about Christmas,” Deana said. “When we’re in LA I’ll go to Pierce Brothers where he’s buried and visit him and he’s right near my grandparents and my mom so it’s important to have traditions and to carry things on. That’s what I’m supposed to do.”

Reporting by Diana Cooper

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