Everyone is buzzing about the new Dancing With the Stars cast for season 28, as many notable faces will be involved. One of those celebrities? The Office‘s Kate Flannery, who recently revealed what her biggest strength will be during the competition.

“I think my hot body and my beautiful face,” the 55-year-old joked exclusively to Closer Weekly at the DWTS cast reveal at Planet Hollywood when asked what she will be bringing to the popular ABC show. “No!! My tenacity. I’m here to tell everybody that you can still and should keep showing up and still keep doing these kinds of things. Don’t take yourself out of the race too soon.” However, the actress also revealed what her weakness is.

“We’ll see how physically strong I am. I’m 55, so we’ll see! Things starts to break down with a little bit,” Kate explained. Although, the star also has a plan when it comes to her dance moves. “I’m a huge fan of really old school … so I feel like just trying to get in the joy of how those movies made me feel as a kid, so I’m just going to stay in my lane,” she said. “I feel like everybody else are on their own path.”

Even though Kate admits to being “scared to death but in a good way” about the upcoming dance competition, she does know that she just had to accept the offer to appear on it. “I just I have a voice in my head that sometimes takes myself out of things before I should and I feel like this is a party and I got invited to the party so I got to show up!” she said. And when it comes down to it, Kate already has a goal in mind.

” Just to try as hard as I can, I don’t know what to expect, I have no idea,” Kate said. So great!

Be sure to tune in for the Dancing With the Stars season 28 premiere on Monday, September 16, on ABC, so you can see Kate, and other celebs like Christie Brinkley and Mary Wilson show us their best moves!

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