We’ve got to give it up for Cindy Crawford! The supermodel shared the most hilarious photo of what it’s like to work from home amid the coronavirus outbreak. While sharing two pics of her sitting at a desk, you can see Cindy looking stress-free in one snap and unorganized in the next.

“Working from home on Instagram vs. working from home IRL,” she penned in the caption on Monday, March 16. “Hope everyone is staying healthy, and staying calm. It’s important we take it seriously and work together, so that we can keep others — especially people who are at risk and vulnerable — from getting sick.”

Cindy, 54, also showed her fans how difficult it can be to get anything done at home when she went makeup-free in the second pic. By sporting a more natural look for the realistic photo, she showed the world how she likes to be when she’s at home. In fact, in March 2019, the brunette beauty did a beauty tutorial for Vogue and explained why she doesn’t like to wear a lot of products on her face.

“I have found as I’ve gotten older I wear way less makeup,” she dished. “I would say that’s the biggest evolution for me which is kind of counter-intuitive, but that also means that taking care of your skin is more important because you’re not covering it up with makeup.”

Ditching most of the beauty products is something Cindy’s husband, Rande Gerber, loves to see. “My husband hates makeup, so this is already too much makeup for him,” she explained while going through her everyday makeup routine. “But I do explain to him that women do makeup for other women, not men.”

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Rain + Pandemic news = 🐶 cuddles AT HOME.

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If you ask us, Cindy doesn’t need to get dolled up anyway. She’s beautiful the way she is, especially when she’s relaxing at home.

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