Christie Brinkley, like all of us, sometimes wishes she could go back in time and give her younger self some advice.

The 64-year-old, who looks 20 years younger than that, recently sat down with beauty blog Byrdie to talk about everything from life lessons to even some secrets on how she’s remained looking young. Christie, a legendary model, was discovered in 1979, and has gone on to become one of the most popular models in recent memory. But it wasn’t always so easy for Christie, as she revealed what she would say to her younger self. “I’d say, ‘You’re enough,'” the mother-of-three said. “I wish somehow I knew I didn’t have to try so hard.”

Christie also understands that social media is something that people have to deal with when attempting to make it in the fashion and beauty world, and she sees the pros and cons of it. “I would say a positive is that you’re so capable of steering your own career through social media and creating your own brand,” Christie said, adding, “Authenticity is really being appreciated now, more so than when I started my career.” On the other hand, Christie sees a negative. “You can be so exposed, and some things can come out the wrong way, and then you to have a lot of explaining to do,” Christie added.

Christie, who was married to singer Billy Joel from 1985 to 1994, also had some anti-aging advice for all of us: wear sunblock. “It’s the best anti-aging advice and my biggest regret,” Christie revealed. “We just didn’t know anything back then. My mom, if she heard me sneeze she’d say, ‘Honey go outside; get a healthy tan.’” That’s it? And here we were thinking she was going to hand over coordinates to the fountain of youth.

Christie did have more tips on staying looking young. “I think laughter is the greatest de-stressor,” Christie told the blog. “Number one, call up a friend or your family and hang out. Don’t wallow in it. Just get out the door. Get outside… And of course, smiling! I really do think it has to do with an attitude of gratitude. An attitude of gratitude keeps you happy, and happiness is youthful.” Sounds like a lot of effort, Christie.