In the latest issue of Closer Weekly, Christie Brinkley explains why turning 64 seemed daunting to her before and what she is doing now to make it her best year yet! Through the years, Christie always had mixed feelings when she heard The Beatles’ 1967 hit “When I’m Sixty-Four.” She tells Closer, “that number, that birthday, has always seemed old to me because of that song,”

As the all-American beauty turned that exact age on Feb. 2, however, she feels as fantastic as ever. “I’m not going to let that number make me feel old. I’m going to kick my birthday off with a party,” insists Christie.

“The best part of being my age is not really caring what other people think,” says Christie, who’s determined to ignore her critics and live her life with no regrets. “I’d been wanting to move back to New York, so I just got myself an apartment,” she tells Closer. “Don’t hesitate. Just get out there and go! That’s what I’m doing.”

It sounds like a cliché, Christie admits, but she’ll actively be counting her blessings more in 2018. “An attitude of gratitude is the first thing people see when you walk in the door,” she enthuses. Besides, “there’s so much to be grateful about, and it’s so much fun to be happy!”

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