One thing's for sure, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s daughter Luna is truly a special little girl. With a gene pool like that, how could she not be? At 18 months, she’s already showing signs of being just like her talented parents. We can thank her model mom for documenting her mini-me’s day-to-day and sharing it with fans. Just look through her social media activity, and there’s no arguing they’re one of the cutest mother-daughter pairs in Hollywood.

Now that she’s growing into a little human being, it’s time to check in on the photogenic little toddler. Here’s everything you need to know about Luna in 2017…

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When was Luna born?

John and Chrissy’s only child was born on April 14, 2016, which makes her an Aries. This is a sign that's generally characterized as having a generous, optimistic, and fun-loving personality. That’s good news for her parents!

What’s Luna's full name?

Her birth name is Luna Simone Stephens, which may confuse fans who know her dad by his stage name. The singer — whose legal name is John Stephens — was given the moniker “John Legend” by poet J. Ivy, who noticed his “old-school sound.” It soon caught on with artists like Kanye West, and eventually stuck.

Does Luna have an Instagram?

No, though her mom Chrissy and dad John post up a storm about their little one on their own handles. Plus, there are a number of fan accounts you can follow the cutie pie on, including this one which has 30K followers!

Can Luna dance like her father?

Jury’s still out on Luna’s singing ability, but she’s clearly inherited his rhythm. Check her out dancing to Rihanna in the adorable clip below.

Has Luna ever been on TV?

Though Luna hasn’t made her TV debut just yet, she did get a shoutout from the Sesame Street cast in summer 2017, when her dad appeared on the children’s program. Chrissy showed her daughter’s reaction to the video, noting hilariously that she “had no idea” what the show was at the time. Still, she clearly loved the clip, and she’s since become a big fan with her own Elmo stuffed animal.

Does Luna have any famous friends?

The one-year-old is already way cooler than we are, boasting friends like "auntie" Kim Kardashian, and her kids, North and Saint. Last Valentine’s Day, the Wests even gifted her with a pair of baby Yeezy sneakers!

Can she walk and talk?

It seems like Luna is still learning to talk, but she’s very mobile! She’s walking — and running! — around her home, which comes in handy for doing chores with mom.

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