Maybe she’s born with it, maybe’s it’s because she’s Chrissy Teigen‘s daughter. Either way, Luna Stephens is already blossoming into the cutest beauty guru.

“She knows what each little tool is for, she knows that the brows go up, she knows certain brushes are for certain things, she knows where the lip gloss goes,” Chrissy, 32, revealed to Entertainment Tonight ahead of the launch of her collaboration, BECCA X Chrissy Teigen Endless Summer Glow Collection, that she did with BECCA Cosmetics. “But I will say, she’s really obsessed with nails. She’s like a manicure kind of gal.”

The Lip Sync host added that ever since beauty sparked an interest in Luna, the two-year-old has become part of her daily routine. “Every single time I’m doing my makeup, I have to put her on the counter next to the sink and we’re doing it together,” Chrissy said. “She really loves [it].” It seems likely that Luna inherited Chrissy’s love for all things makeup, considering the mother-of-two always looks stunning head-to-toe at whatever event she shows up at.

Chrissy hopes that Luna will be just as daring and adventurous — style wise — as she was while growing up. “When I was younger, I didn’t really wear makeup until I moved to California when I was like 17, and then all of the sudden I wanted to have fun,” she said while emphasizing that she hopes Luna will want to experiment with different styles and use it as a learning experience. “I look back and I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh!’ I made so many mistakes, but we all do that.”

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Right now, the cookbook author is just having fun with Luna, and being able to have her daughter by her side every morning is a bonding experience that she knows won’t last forever. Chrissy, who is the queen of all queens when it comes to clapping back at body shamers, says that she has a huge piece of advice that she intends to pass along to her growing daughter. “I want her to obviously embrace her natural beauty, her natural face, her natural curls,” Chrissy admitted. “She has this head full of beautiful curls, and I want her to love that and embrace it.”

Ultimately, Chrissy just wants the best for her daughter. “Do things for you. Do what makes you feel good, don’t do it to impress others or fit in this box for other people,” she said of her future advice and hopes that Luna grows up to appreciate all of her little quirks. There is nothing more important than a woman who loves herself, so we really hope Luna takes her mother’s incredible advice!