It’s about to be a holly, jolly Christmas for the Gaineses! HGTV alums Chip Gaines and Joanna Gaines are already in the holiday spirit and they have no shame (and they shouldn’t!). Every year, the family kicks off their holiday traditions with a visit to the Christmas tree farm. Chip and Jo love decorating a real tree so much that they “opt for the most ridiculously large and fragrant [one],” the mom-of-five described in the latest Magnolia Journal magazine.

The former Fixer Upper stars call themselves “faithful first customers” at their local tree farm. Though Joanna is a lifestyle guru, the 40-year-old doesn’t feel the need to mix it up when it comes to her holiday decorations. She says she loves “to decorate our tree with our same ornaments that we ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ over each year.” And yes, that includes any ornaments that their children may have made.

Joanna even admitted that she doesn’t get too excited about new and trendy recipes when it comes to the holidays. “All I want is to gather the same ingredients for the same beloved cinnamon rolls that I’ve baked on Christmas morning for as long as I can remember,” Joanna said.

It isn’t just Chip and Jo that get to work when gearing up for the holiday season either. In fact, each of their kiddos has a job when the family gets ready for full-on Christmas mode. The couple shared that they will dig the boxes of decorations and lights out of their attic and, in the meantime, their older children will hang the ornaments on their ginormous tree while their younger ones will find the stockings for the mantle.

Chip, 44, has also incorporated some of the traditions that his father first introduced to the Gaines family years ago. When Chip was a kid, his dad used to cover the doorway of the room where the gifts were stacked with a sheet of butcher paper. “No one was allowed to go in the family room or peek behind the paper until Christmas morning,” Chip explained in the magazine.

Then, on Christmas morning, “My dad would make an inspired speech like a coach would to his team, and then — bam! — we’d tear through the paper, just like the home team at the homecoming football game.” The handyman has been able to recreate that experience for his children, Drake, 13, Ella, 12, Duke, 10, Emmie Kay, 8, and four-month-old Crew. “When my kids see me pulling out the wrapping paper a few days before Christmas, hope awakens in them,” he shared. And sure enough, “it’s felt like magic,” he added.

It’s pretty obvious that the Gaines family loves Christmastime and celebrating the joyous holiday. “This season warms my heart,” Joanna told HGTV magazine. “I want to celebrate it as long — and as simply — as I can.” Same, girl!