Even though Cheryl Burke lost her chance at the mirrorball trophy when she got eliminated from Dancing With the Stars season 28, she’s still been keeping up with the show as much as anyone else. In fact, the 35-year-old pro dancer said she’s been watching the program on the couch with her husband, Matthew Lawrence, and sometimes she thinks about what life would be like if she was a judge on the show instead.

However, Cheryl knows it wouldn’t be easy for her to judge her colleagues on TV because she would have to tone down a lot of what she says.

“I would have to take all the swear words out, I’d have to tone it down just a little bit but I don’t think I know how to not say the truth,” the athlete recently revealed to Us Weekly. “I think that’s my problem. It’s like Liar Liar, that Jim Carrey movie. I’m like, ‘Oh, my God, I would get into so much trouble.'”

Cheryl Burke

Cheryl is so passionate about the show that she admits to yelling at her TV when she watches the reality competition series on her couch. “I do, it’s so bad,” she laughed. “It’s probably something that I could never say on TV.”

However, Matt thinks Cheryl’s unfiltered critiques are just another reason why she’ll be good sitting in the judges corner next to Carrie Ann Inaba, Len Goodman and Bruno Tonioli.


“Matt is like, ‘See this is why you should judge! You say it how it is,’” she explained. But if Cheryl doesn’t ever get the chance to become a judge on the show, she’s always OK with being a mentor.


“I’d actually love to be a mentor to these couples,” she recently gushed to Closer Weekly about her future on the program. “We all need guidance; we all need a third eye. What we did for juniors, in a way, I’d be there for anyone who wants help or anyone who wants someone to watch their dance and give an opinion.”

It doesn’t matter if Cheryl is a judge, mentor or dancer on DWTS because we would tune in to watch her any day!