Fast & Furious actress Charlize Theron has got herself a new look! On Monday, September 2, she debuted the chic hairstyle her character Cipher will be wearing in the next installment of the film franchise and, judging by the pic, we can’t to see it on the big screen when the movie hits theaters next year.

“She’s baaaaack #Fast9,” Charlize, 44, captioned the Instagram photo of her sexy bowl cut. Charlize’s gorgeous pic has been liked more than 350,000 times on Instagram and fans loved the reveal so much that they kept leaving a bunch of comments about the actress’ new tresses.

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She’s baaaaack #Fast9

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“Whoa, soooo damnnnn good!!! 😍,” one of the Oscar winner’s follower commented. Someone else said, “Wow That’s a cool hairstyle!” Yet another added, “Wow! that haircut is awesome! 👌😉.”

In the Fast & Furious franchise, Charlize plays Cipher, a cyberterrorist whose hair is normally styled in dreadlocks. Even though we loved Cipher’s original look — when she popped up for the first time in The Fate of the Furious — we have to say that Charlize has completely outdone herself this time. And who knows, maybe this new hairstyle might be exactly what she needs to reignite her lackluster dating life.

“I’ve been single for 10 years, Charlize revealed to Entertainment Tonight in April. “I’m shockingly available.” Since Charlize’s kids always come first, she has putting all of her time and effort into raising her children — August and Jackson.


“I had a strong need to be a mom,” Charlize once said about why she adopted her kids. “I was always aware that there are so many children in this world who don’t have families. This was always my first choice.”

“When I became a mother, I had already wanted it for a long time. I craved motherhood, and I was incredibly invested in it,” she told Elle in 2016. “It’s not easy to adopt, even when you’re a celebrity. But when I held my children in my arms, I was happier than I ever expected to be. Today, motherhood is a source of joy every single day, something stronger than everything else, more powerful than my career.”

No matter what her hair looks like, Charlize is always cool in our eyes.