Rock royalty Carnie Wilson is hosting a new cooking show, Sounds Delicious with Carnie Wilson! She sits down with Closer to share what you can expect of the show.

Sounds Delicious is an actual dream come true for me,” Carnie, 55, gushed. “It’s so funny and so it’s like being in my kitchen at home with nothing held back.”

Wilson welcomes viewers into the kitchen for a look into her passion for cooking with famous guests. On the show she prepares some of her favorite dishes with famous friends like John Stamos, Dee Snider, BoyzIIMen and more! 

“I’m talking to each person individually. Somebody pulls a stool up to the counter and we’re cooking together and we’re laughing and we’re being crazy and we’re making crazy jokes. But we’re also acknowledging music and songs,” The Wilson Phillips front woman explained.

Carnie, who has struggled with her weight over the years, shares that she feels her love and struggle with food makes the show more real to viewers. 

“It’s just like I’ve always cooked whether I’ve been at my heaviest weight or my thinnest weight or now. And one has nothing to do with the other,” she explained. “All I want to do is cook for other people. That’s how I get my true joy and my enjoyment is seeing people eat the food I make.”

She adds, “And the weight stuff is it’s like that’s just kind of a part of my life. It always has been, and it always will be. I’m just in a healthier place with it.” 

Sounds Delicious with Carnie Wilson airs Tuesdays at 8:30 p.m. ET on AXS TV.