Carnie Wilson showed off her incredible weight loss transformation online and explained what changes she made to her diet and exercise routine.

“Another before and ‘during’ … my health journey! This is 40 pounds down. I feel really different,” she captioned the side-by-side Instagram photos on April 7. “I need to start exercising more to make the scale start to move again, but I’m so proud and pumped.”

Carnie, 55, explained that she achieved her weight loss “purely through diet.”

“No gluten or sugar, no butter and keeping fats down too,” the Wilson Phillips member shared with her followers. “Lately I have indulged in cheese and nuts which have more fat. If I chose not to eat corn tortillas, nuts and cheese — there’s no way I could keep this up. I have totally adjusted my eating habits to satisfy my cravings but in a realistic way. And it’s a miracle. Hope this inspires someone.”

Carnie previously opened up about her weight loss journey in February, sharing more before and after photos.

“My body started rejecting gluten and sugar … and with my blood sugars at a six … cholesterol at 225 I was not heading in a good direction,” the singer-songwriter captioned an Instagram post at the time. “I had a pain in my tummy and had an ultrasound to be sure I had no gallstones. Luckily, I did not. I was too scared to give up the food that I thought was bringing me comfort.”

Carnie Wilson weight loss secret
Courtesy of Carnie Wilson/Instagram

“I know there are many ways to lose weight quicker, but it comes down to calories in versus calories expended,” she added. “For me, this was an act of self love … knowing which food made me feel like shit and also knowing I can’t eat it. The result has been weight loss, more energy, feeling more positive, hopeful, in control and confident. I’m not counting calories or going too cray cray with the scale.”

Carnie explained that she planned to “reach a physical goal of 155 pounds.” The cookbook author assured her fans that she would continue to cook and bake professionally as she has done for many years.

“It’s hard sometimes because Lord knows I wanna cram it in my mouth!!! I know how I will feel if I do though — and that’s what stops me,” she concluded. “Thank you for such loving and encouraging words the last five months! It means so much to me!!!!”