Carnie Wilson recently revealed her 45-pound weight loss on social media but admitted it was a tough journey to achieve those results. Prior to her incredible weight loss, Carnie, 55, experienced “gastrointestinal hell” at 240 pounds.

“There was a voice going, ‘You’ve got to change the way you eat. You don’t have a choice anymore. It’s for your health,’” the Wilson Phillips singer told People in an interview published on Tuesday, April 9.

Ultimately, she decided to kickstart her health journey by cutting sugar and gluten from her diet. Now, she feels “happy and really grateful” for how far she has come since the start of her transformation.

“It’s a world of difference. I don’t wake up going, ‘What am I going to eat today?’” she reflected. “I’m like, ‘What do I get to put in my body that feels great?’”

Carnie isn’t the only member of her household who has shed some pounds over the past year. Her husband, Rob Bonfiglio, lost 12 pounds after being inspired by his wife to cut sugar out of his diet.

“He said, ‘I feel less self-conscious,’ and I’m like, ‘Honey, you were never fat,’” Carnie told the outlet. Rob, 56, revealed that he “feels better” about himself after dropping the weight.

The “Release Me” singer and the guitarist share daughters Lola, 19, and Luci, 14. Carnie loves cooking delicious meals for her kids. “I love serving people and watching them eat,” she said. “It’s an act of love and of self-love.”

Carnie Wilson weight loss
Courtesy of Carnie Wilson/Instagram

On April 7, Carnie shared side-by-side photos of her weight loss journey so far on Instagram.

“Another before and ‘during’ … my health journey! This is 40 pounds down. I feel really different,” the Masked Singer alum wrote in her caption. “I need to start exercising more to make the scale start to move again, but I’m so proud and pumped.”

She also shared some of her favorite snacks to eat throughout the day, which have since helped her lose five more pounds.

“Lately I have indulged in cheese and nuts, which have more fat,” Carnie wrote. “If I chose not to eat corn tortillas, nuts and cheese — there’s no way I could keep this up. I have totally adjusted my eating habits to satisfy my cravings but in a realistic way. And it’s a miracle. Hope this inspires someone.”