Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle is gearing up for new motherhood! According to a body language expert, the 37-year-old pregnant royal’s “maternal instincts are kicking in” now that she’s getting closer to welcoming her first child with husband Prince Harry.

Blanca Cobb recently told Us Weekly that Meghan has been exhibiting a lot of “motherly tendencies” during her recent royal outings. For example, the Duchess was photographed gently patting her sister-in-law Kate Middleton‘s back when they recently stepped out to attend the royal family’s Christmas Day church service on Dec. 25 in Norfolk, England.

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“It’s a gesture that signals comfort, provides reassurance, and brings them closer,” Cobb explained. “By standing slightly behind Kate, Meghan is silently saying that she’s got her back. Exactly what you’d expect from sisters-in-law.”

On their way to the church service, Meghan and Kate, 36, were also spotted leaning into each other and were pictured flashing a few smiles during their special holiday outing. “The look between Kate and Meghan conveys interest,” the expert said. “By maintaining eye contact, they’re showing interest in what the other is saying.”

Kate and Meghan
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When Meghan held onto her handbag while talking to Kate, Cobb said that those actions can be perceived as a sign, too! “Typically, you don’t hold anything in your hand closest to the person you’re talking to because it’s perceived as a psychological and physical barrier,” she said. “However, that isn’t the case this time. Meghan is holding onto her husband with her left hand so she has no choice but to hold her handbag and gloves in the hand closest to Kate. The physical proximity and eye contact with Kate indicates her interest in the conversation.” Looks like Meghan’s baby is helping her have a better relationship with Kate!

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