He’s got money in the bank! Bobby Flay is widely known as the successful chef on Food Network, but many fans are curious about his net worth considering he’s been on so many shows. Scroll down to get the details!

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Bobby is worth a whopping $30 million, which makes him one of the wealthiest celebrity chefs out there. And it makes sense why. First off, he’s the star of shows like Beat Bobby Flay, Bobby Flay’s Barbeque Addiction, Worst Cooks in America, The Bobby and Damaris Show, and more. He’s additionally appeared in series including The Best Thing I Ever Ate, Food Network Star, Iron Chef, and Brunch at Bobby’s, just to name a few.

On top of that, Bobby is also a restauranteur. He owns restaurants in NYC, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, and in parts of New Jersey and Connecticut. If you want to visit one of them for a bite to eat, they’re called Bar American, Bobby Flay Steak, Bobby’s Burger Palace, Gato, and Mesa Grill.

However, Bobby’s success has unfortunately had a negative impact on his love life in the past. As Closer Weekly previously reported, his career focus led to the demise of his marriage to Stephanie March, whom he divorced in 2015.

“Bobby wasn’t putting much care into the marriage — it was all about the next TV show, the next restaurant opening,” the source said. “It really wasn’t that hard to cut the cord. Bobby hadn’t been around that much anyway.” The insider added, “He is a workaholic and never at home. They spent most of their holidays apart last year. Stephanie spent Valentine’s Day with friends comforting her with flowers and candy.”

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Today, Bobby is happily dating Heléne Yorke. Honestly, we bet she really enjoys all the homecooked meals Bobby makes her. And let’s be real, with a net worth like his, she’s probably gotten some lovely gifts from the star.