We wish! Many fans (rightly) assume celebrity chef BFFs Bobby Flay and Giada de Laurentiis are dating — but, sadly, the two aren’t together. Why, you ask? Probably because they have trouble getting along sometimes!

The friends competed on Iron Chef America together in 2006, but things didn’t exactly go as planned —they lost to popular chefs Mario Batali and Rachael Ray. “We lost and he thought it was funny,” Giada revealed in a new interview on her podcast Beyond the Plate. “He didn’t think it was any big deal that we lost. I did not talk to him for eight months‚ eight months! I did not. Nothing. Silence.”

Giada was mostly mad that he didn’t take their defeat seriously (understandably). “I thought, you know, I took this very seriously. It was a very big show, especially at that time, and I’ve cooked, I’ve gone to culinary school, I worked on my own dish all by myself and I felt like he sort of half-as*ed it,” she continued. “It was just TV [to him]. I took it very seriously. I think Rachael took it very seriously, and I was really disappointed.”

And Bobby didn’t even apologize! “He didn’t say, ‘Hey I’m sorry that we lost,’ or ‘Hey, you know we’ll do it again,'” she added. “Nothing. He’s just like walked away and I thought, you’re a jerk and I’m never — I never want to be around you again. Now of course we’re best buddies and we hang out but…”

So, why do so many people think they’re an item then? Basically, because Bobby and Giada are always hanging out with each other despite that little disagreement. Not surprisingly, both chefs are uber-successful Food Network stars. Bobby, 53, first made his debut on the popular channel back in 1999 with his first series, Hot Off the Grill with Bobby Flay. Since then, Bobby has hosted more than fourteen cooking shows and specials on the Food Network and the Cooking Channel. Giada, 47, had her first Food Network daytime cooking show, Everyday Italian, premiere in 2003. She’s hosted a plethora of cooking programs on multiple channels ever since! The two have also co-starred together on Food Network Star for many years.

Rumors first began to swirl that Giada and Bobby were dating after the mom-of-one divorced her husband, Todd Thompson, in 2015 after 11 years of marriage. Around the same time, Bobby was splitting from his third wife, Stephanie March. Giada has also been the victim of affair rumors with former Today star Matt Lauer.

In May 2015, a source opened up to Radar Online about Bobby and Giada reportedly being spotted on a romantic date in NYC. “They were holding hands under their table and looked very cozy. They even carved their initials in a secret place on the wall,” the eyewitness said. “They had a great time together, ate pasta and fish and tipped well,” a staff member at the restaurant added. Sources at the time revealed Giada and Bobby were “spending a lot of time together” and “even when work keeps them apart, they’re phoning and texting each other all the time!”

bobby flay and giada de laurentiis

Stephanie and Bobby (left) and Giada and Tom (right). (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Giada candidly later addressed the dating rumors during an interview with Andy Cohen on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live. “We do get together on Food Network Star. Well, we’re very good friends. We’ve worked for many years together, but I don’t think that’s ever going to happen because I’m smarter than that,” she quipped.

Now, Bobby has been happily dating actress Heléne Yorke for nearly two years. Giada has similarly moved on from her divorce with TV producer Shane Farley. So, Bobby and Giada are definitely not dating today, but maybe they’ll get together in the future — fingers crossed!