In his 35 years as host of The Price is Right, Bob Barker became beloved to millions of viewers. He also became a very wealthy man along the way. The animal lover has a net worth of $70 million in 2021, despite retiring from the daytime game show in 2007.

Bob began his career in television just as the medium was getting big, being named the host of Truth or Consequences in 1956 after game show producer Ralph Edwards saw the then-radio host in action while doing an audience participation segment.

Bob was a complete natural in the game show format and was with Truth or Consequences until 1974. While he was still on the show, CBS wanted to revive The Price is Right, but only if Bob was the host. They got their wish, and his first episode of TPIR aired on September 4, 1972.

Over the next 35 years, Bob was well compensated for his hosting duties and keeping the show so popular across generations of viewers. But it was during the last decade of his tenure when he made serious bank! Bob was paid $10 million a year during that period. That adds up to $100 million over 10 years’ time.

Animal rights is an issue close to Bob’s heart, and he signed off every episode of TPIR for years with the phrase, “Help control the pet population. Have your pets spayed or neutered.” He put his money where his mouth is, with several major donations to animal rights groups.

Bob Barker Net Worth
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Bob gave $5 million in 2010 to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. The animal activist group used the money to purchase a ship which they named the “MY Bob Barker.” It is used to find and interrupt Japanese whaling vessels. Bob later purchased a helicopter for the organization.


The beloved game show host’s name also sits atop PETA’s Los Angeles headquarters. Bob donated $2.5 million to the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals to construct the building that now bears his moniker. In another act of helping out animals, Bob paid $700,000 in 2014 for three elephants to be relocate from a zoo in Toronto, Canada to a sanctuary in California. He also gave Georgetown University’s law school a $1 million endowment to for an animal rights study program.