She’s one proud mom! During a recent episode of Gwyneth Paltrow‘s weekly goop podcast, the actress’ mom, Blythe Danner, revealed that her daughter has always known who she is — and has always been a rebel! “I think you came into the world with a very strong self-image. I couldn’t harm that,” the 75-year-old actress told Gwyneth.

“I may have tried, I may have tried to sway you to be more conforming to what I thought was the proper young girl. You were a rebel from the beginning,” she continued. “You had a strength and you knew who you were and I should have been wise enough and that is what still bothers me is that I didn’t have the wisdom to observe, to know that you were this creature unlike anything I do.” But Blythe’s mothering ways didn’t stop the now-45-year-old from being herself.

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Happy birthday, mama ❤️

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Nowadays, it’s Gwyneth who’s trying to help out her mom and push her in the right direction — when it comes to dating. During the podcast, the Shakespeare in Love actress questioned her single mother about her dating life. “I just wonder, are there things left that you still really want to accomplish?” she asked her, to which Blythe responded with, “You know, I’m happy to say that I really, really like my own company and I’ve become a bit of a hermit which I have to be careful of.”

But Gwyneth didn’t give up that easily on setting her mother up with someone. “I gotta get you on J-Date. I gotta get you on Tinder, mom!” her persistent daughter joked. Blythe was married to director Bruce Paltrow from 1969 up until his death in 2002. Together, they welcomed two kids: Gwyneth and her brother, director Jake Paltrow. Although over 15 years have come and gone since her husband’s passing, Blythe hasn’t been romantically-linked to anyone since then. “I’ve had a couple of blind dates, but I haven’t had a [serious] date and I’m not really shopping for another relationship,” she said back in 2015. Maybe one day Gwyneth will be successful in setting her mom up with someone!