Since Storage Wars’ 2010 premiere, fans have been in love with Barry Weiss, aka “the collector.” On the series, Barry was the smooth-talking, laidback one who was less interested in competition and more interested in collecting cool stuff and driving nice cars. It was no surprise in 2014 when he got his own spin-off show, Barry’d Treasure. Unfortunately, it was canceled that same year, and he’s been M.I.A. ever since, prompting many fans to think that he died. Thankfully, we decided to put the rumors to rest by answering fans’ most frequently asked questions about the former reality star, including what he’s doing today.

What happened to Barry Weiss?

barry weiss dead

After Barry’s spin-off show was canceled in 2014, he stopped posting on his official Twitter and pretty much disappeared from the Internet, causing fans to worry. However, we have some good news: He’s still alive and well! TMZ recently spoke to him back in July 2017 and Barry revealed that, while he wasn’t working on any new TV shows, he was back to doing his old job of being a “professional slacker.” In a seperate interview that took place in April, he admitted that he was an “underachiever” and was perfectly content with judging cannabis contests in Amsterdam or attending bull riding events in the U.S. “I’m very humble for what I have,” he said in the interview. “I’m comfortable, so I’m able to go and do what I like.” Sounds like a good life!

Why did he leave Storage Wars?

Barry storage wars

As you know, Barry left the popular show after only four seasons, much to fans’ dismay. However, it was clear even to viewers that he was a lot less invested in the competition aspect of the series than the other competitors. Having already been retired when he appeared on the show, the reality TV star always looked like he was just going along for the ride. “I had a blast,” he said about his experience being on the show. “It was fun, but I had enough and I kind of wanted to leave while it was still popular.”

What was Barry’s old job?

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On Storage Wars it always looked like Barry had an infinite amount of money to do pretty much whatever he wanted — from buying rare, expensive cars to buying storage lockers full of junk to add to his “collection.” Many fans have wondered if he’s a millionaire, and if so, what was he doing before becoming a reality TV star? Surprisingly, his career was a lot less glamorous and a lot more blue collar.

“I was in the import-export business with fruits and vegetables… with my brother,” he said in an interview. “It was a family company started by my grandfather.” However, once he started to get tired of it, he sold out of the company for a generous profit.

Is Barry married?

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Nope, he’s divorced and has been so for about 30 years now. However, don’t worry about him being “lonely.” He said in an interview that he has lots of friends, a girlfriend, and numerous wedding proposals from his loyal fans on Facebook. And speaking of those proposals, he said he had to respectfully give them all a pass. “I have plenty of stuff to keep me busy,” he said.

Does Barry have children?

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Yes, he has two adult children — a daughter named Julie and a son named Jack. He’s also a grandfather to a two-year-old son named Oliver, which he gushed about in a recent interview. “He’s getting so big now,” he said.

How old is Barry?

barry weiss age

The exact date of his birthday is uncertain. The Internet often confuses him with music executive Barry Weiss, which makes the confusion surrounding his birthday more baffling than it should be. However, back in April 2017, he revealed he was 64 years old.

Is he coming back to TV? Please tell us he’s coming back!

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Although he admitted that he had no other TV projects on his plate at the moment, he did reveal what his dream show would be. “I’d like to do like a motorsport show really,” he said. “I’m really knowledgeable in all types. I’d really like to do that and travel the world, cause that’s what I like.”