Everyone has their secrets. For instance, Barbara Eden has a few on how she keeps herself looking so good at 88 years old. At a recent event, she revealed that doing “everything in moderation” is her secret to staying young.

“Yes, don’t limit yourself! Just don’t overdo it,” the I Dream of Jeannie star exclusively told Closer Weekly at The Paley Honors: A Special Tribute to Television’s Comedy Legends on Thursday, November 21. Her appetite hasn’t changed much either. Barbara still likes to partake in wine and chocolate whenever the chance arises and she burns off all of those extra calories in the gym.

“I go to the gym, and have a trainer,” she revealed. As for her favorite kind of workout? Well, she likes to take long walks and do weight training — but it didn’t start out that way.

Barbara Eden

“Well, it used to be spinning. I don’t do that anymore. I stopped that. I loved it but it’s not good for your knees so I stopped,” Barbara explained. “Now I do weights and I walk around a track.”

After so many years taking care of her body, Barbara has found the perfect way to make her skin shine. “Keep it clean! I use Cetaphil,” she noted.

There are only so many things an actress can do to keep herself looking good and healthy at any age. For Barbara, she never let herself even consider retirement and, by doing that, it’s given her more energy than ever.

“That’s what keeps my energy up. I love to work. If I don’t work, then I get lazy,” she previously gushed to Closer in April.

barbara eden

Barbara has lived a fabulous life since I Dream of Jeannie went off the air in 1970 — and that isn’t the only magical role on her résumé. Who could forget that she played Aunt Irma on the hit TV show Sabrina, the Teenage Witch?!

She would also like to see an I Dream of Jeannie reboot one day. “I’d love it,” she said. “I could be Jeannie’s grandmother!”