Uh-oh! There seems to be some friction going on between Whoopi Goldberg and her former The View cohost Rosie O’Donnell. When Howard Stern appeared on the May 16 episode of the talk show and he asked Whoopi if she is anti-Rosie or pro-Rosie. That’s when the Sister Act star gave an honest answer.

“I don’t think about it,” the EGOT winner replied earnestly. Although it’s unclear is Whoopi, 63, and Rosie, 57, are true friends, Howard, 65, did say that he and Rosie repaired their relationship after they’ve feuded with each other for years.

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“I was brutal, and at some point I realized how much I admired her,” he recently told The New York Times in an interview. “She’s a fabulous comic, she’s brilliant, and I began to develop a relationship with her. I said on the air that she’s brave, which was hard for me to do because I spent so many years bashing this woman. She had gone through so much [expletive], because when I go after someone, my audience goes with me. But we’ve developed this nice friendship, so I said to my guys that I don’t want to re-air me bashing Rosie.”

Apparently, Howard and Rosie had their ups and downs because he “lashed out at anyone and everyone whose career was prospering,” the radio host once shared to The Hollywood Reporter. “I thought I should be at the center of the universe, and whenever it seemed like someone else was, I couldn’t accept it,” he added.

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Howard ended up having a longtime feud with Kathie Lee Gifford, too. Thanks to the former Today cohost being the bigger person, they were able to put their dispute behind them and start a friendship. So cool!

If there’s anything that Howard has taught us, it’s that anyone has the potential to change!