On Dec. 20, Watch What Happens Live host, Andy Cohen, revealed to his audience (and the world) that he’s expecting a baby via surrogacy, and now a source is saying that not only is the 50-year-old ready to be a father, but that he even kept it a secret from the Bravo network bosses before spilling the beans.

A source has told People that most of Andy’s “close friends and staff at WWHL had known for a few weeks now, but he [Andy] kept the secret from the wider group — including some Bravo executives there and the Housewives who were on his show.” Andy keeping a secret from the Housewives on his show is a bold move. But once the news was out, Andy was finally able to relax, as the source added, “A smaller group went out to celebrate. [Andy] was telling people that he was ‘relieved’ the news was finally out there and just kept reiterating how excited he was for the future. ‘[He said] ‘I can’t wait to meet my kid.'”

The source continued, saying that Andy has “always had that urge to be a father, and felt like this was the right time. His parents are of a certain age, and he wants them to know his child.” And even though Andy currently doesn’t have a partner, the source revealed that that didn’t keep Andy from wanting a baby. “He said, ‘I know I’m single, but I haven’t met anyone and I want a family. I’m ready to do this,'” the source said.

Andy Cohen
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Andy always looks like he’s having a heck of a time on his very popular show, but according to the source this baby that is on its way has made Andy even happier. “I’ve never seen him smile like that,” the source continued. “He was so, so happy. Everyone was showering him with congratulations and praise. When he was originally speaking, we thought he was resigning from the show, so we all were just so surprised and happy…He’s going to be an amazing dad. He’s so filled with love. He’s going to give this child a wonderful life.”

On his show, after revealing the big news, Andy said, “Family means everything to me and having one of my own is something I’ve wanted in my heart for my entire life and while it has taken me longer than most to get there, I cannot wait for what I envision will be my most rewarding chapter yet.”

We wish Andy the best as he fights to stay happy as his sleep scheduled is completely bombarded.