In his first live show back since the death of his mom, Gloria Vanderbilt, CNN personality Anderson Cooper revealed how lonely he is feeling now that a lot of his close family members are gone.

The journalist, 52, took some time during his show Anderson 360 to talk about his mother who passed away at the age of 95 after a very advanced form of stomach cancer spread to other parts of her body. He discussed his final moments with his mom, as well as how he is feeling after everything. “Being able to spend those nine days and nights with her was a great, great blessing. They were the most extraordinary days of my life, and I’m very grateful,” Anderson shared. “Though I was holding her hand and her head when she took her last breath, it’s still a little hard for me to believe that she’s gone.”

Anderson Cooper Gloria Vanderbilt
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An emotional Anderson continued and touched on other tragic deaths his family has gone through, saying, “My dad died when I was 10, and my brother when I was 21. She was the last of my immediate family, the last person who knew me from the beginning. They’re all gone and it feels very lonely right now. I hope they are at least together.”

Anderson does admit that while he wasn’t able to protect his mom when he was “10 or 20,” he is happy that he “was able to make the latter years of her life comfortable and fulfilling. When I die, that might be the thing I am most proud of. I’m happy that we left nothing unsaid between us.” Fans were clearly touched by the lovely tribute, as they responded with kind words.

“This was beautiful. I can hear the sadness and pain in your heart. You were a great pair, together. May she rest in happiness, forever,” one person said. Another added, “It touched my heart to see you so soon on your broadcast tonight. Thank you for sharing your heart, your North Star with all of us. My sincerest condolences.” Earlier this week, one of Anderson’s best friends, Andy Cohen, also remembered his pal’s mom.

Gloria Vanderbilt
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“Gloria Vanderbilt was an amazing woman who lived a life filled with incredible peaks and impossible obstacles,” the Watch What Happens Live host, 51, shared via Instagram on Monday, June 17. “Through it all she remained eternally optimistic with a wicked sense of humor. In fact, Anderson’s iconic and infectious giggle comes from his mom. Sending Anderson all my love, and may she Rest In Peace.”

We will never forget Gloria.