Ahead of Fourth of July this coming week, Amy Adams showed her patriotism in a truly epic way.

According to eyewitnesses flying from Detroit to LA, the five-time Academy Award nominee gave up her first class seat to a U.S. soldier.

Jemele Hill, host of ESPN's Numbers Never Lie, told Today the actress performed her act of kindness discreetly.

“When we were waiting to board, I saw her glance the soldier’s way and then she said something to the person she was traveling with,” Jemele recounts.

“Once we boarded, I saw she was in first class. I was upgraded to first class and she was a couple of rows behind me. I think she must have said something to the flight attendant, because before we took off she had vacated her seat and the flight attendant brought the soldier to her seat.”

But the TV personality wasn't the only passenger to speak out about Amy's thoughtfulness. Ernest Owens was the lucky flyer who got to sit next to the famous red-head in coach…and he has a selfie to prove it!

Jemele echoes our sentiments perfectly when she says: “I already was a fan of hers, but now I’m a bigger one after today.”