Before getting engaged to Amal Alamuddin last April, George Clooney was considered the most eligible bachelor in Hollywood. But his future mother-in-law isn't impressed.

A source reveals Amal's mother, Baria, has issues with her daughter's upcoming marriage to the hunky actor.

"You would think Amal has hit the jackpot with George Clooney, but Baria is not happy," a Lebanese friend of the family tells the MailOnline. "She thinks Amal can do better."

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The human-rights lawyer, who was born in Beirut to a prominent family, belongs to the religious sect Druze, an offshoot of Islam. For traditional Druze, marriage outside the sect results in excommunication and social boycott.

"She has been telling half of Beirut, in fact anyone that will listen, there are five hundred thousand Druze. Are none of them good enough for her?" the source says in regards to George's differing faith.

While Baria is reportedly upset over the match, the Oscar winner's mother, Nina, on the other hand, is thrilled to welcome Amal to the family, telling the MailOnline, "You can say I’m extremely happy. Amal’s a lovely girl. I like her very much."