Throughout his decades-long career, Alex Trebek has touched the hearts and lives of millions of people. Now that the beloved Jeopardy! host is gearing up to eventually say goodbye, Alex — who is currently battling stage IV pancreatic cancer — can’t help but think about his legacy.

While attending the 2020 ABC Winter Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour on Wednesday, January 8, the 79-year-old told Closer Weekly and other reporters he hopes fans remember him as “a nice guy.”

“That he was the best kind of quiz show host in that he always seemed to be rooting for the contestants,” he continued of his hopeful legacy. “He wanted them to perform at their best because if they did that would make the show a success and he would be able to enjoy the success of the program in that regard.” Aww!

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Besides his charming personality and warm demeanor, fans have come to love Alex for his commitment to the iconic ABC game show. The Emmy Award winner — who has hosted Jeopardy! since 1984 — even had a sweet thing to say about his competitors when asked if he thinks they get just as invested.

“I never watch those shows with that point of view,” he explained. “I never make a judgment call on the ability of the other game show or quiz show hosts who are out there. They’re doing well because they’re good at what they do, and that’s all we can hope for.”

Alex proved his unwavering love for Jeopardy! as he’s continued to host the show despite battling cancer. However, the former To Tell the Truth host, who first opened up about his stage IV pancreatic cancer diagnosis in March 2019, recently revealed how he plans to close out his final episode.

“I’ve kind of, in my mind, rehearsed it already, and what I would do on that day is tell the director, ‘Time the show down to leave me 30 seconds at the end,'” he recently shared during an interview on Good Morning America. “That’s all I want.”

Alex Trebek Hosting 'Jeopardy! The Greatest of All Time'
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Although Alex’s cancer battle has a heartbreaking prognosis, he’s continued to stay in positive spirits. Shortly after he first shared the news of his diagnosis, a source insisted the former Classic Concentration star revealed he wouldn’t go down without a fight.

“He always says, ‘No matter what, I power through.’ He really is hopeful,” the friend exclusively shared with Closer Weekly. “He’s got all the help and the care money can buy.”

We’re praying for you, Alex!