Since Alex Trebek revealed he was diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer in March, he’s been receiving all kinds of support from his fans, and the 79-year-old TV personality is truly grateful.

“People all over America and abroad have decided they want to let me know now, while I’m alive, about the impact that I’ve been having on their existence,” the Jeopardy! host said on ABC News. “They have come out and they have told me and, my gosh, it makes me feel so good.”

Alex Trebek

Being on the game show has inspired so many of Alex’s fans. Avi Gupta, a former contestant, once won $100,000 from competing on Jeopardy! but, instead of him using that cash on himself, he decided to donate a portion of his winnings to the Knight Cancer Institute.

“I was inspired to give by Alex Trebek, the host of Jeopardy! and someone who I have looked up to my whole life,” he said via Twitter. “It was a dream come true earlier this year to finally join him on the Jeopardy! stage and the Jeopardy! teen tournament.”

“I am honored to be able to make this donation to the Knight Cancer Institute to support him and the millions of other people suffering from pancreatic cancer across the world,” he continued. “Our goal with this campaign is to support research into pancreatic cancer awareness and early detection.”

Alex has also been receiving a lot of support at home. His wife, Jean Trebek, told, she likes to use “sound healing” on her husband to help him get through his cancer diagnosis. “It comes from a place of love, because I want to uplift him … and when I keep my own self buoyed and enjoying my life, I can actually share that with him,” she explained. “He can look at me and have a sense of ‘life is beautiful; my wife is doing something good.’”

One thing’s for certain, Alex. You’re not going through this alone!