Now that the world knows that he has Parkinson’s disease, legendary star Alan Alda is talking all about it.

Back in July of 2018, the 82-year-old appeared on CBS Morning to reveal that he has been battling the disease for over three years. And now fast-forward to today and Alan says that not much has done a 180 in his life. “I’m busy,” the M*A*S*H star told People in a recent interview. “I do occasionally do nothing and sit around. But I believe in doing everything in moderation, including moderation. So far it’s working.” Alan continued and said that he’s started exercising, boxing and a version of tai chi.

“My life hasn’t changed much,” the Oscar nominated actor added. “I just applied my curiosity to it. I’m constantly reading and trying to figure out the best approaches. So far it’s really interesting. I think it’s helped me understand a little better that everybody has something they’re coping with.” And Alan isn’t alone in his fight, as his wife, Arlene, who he has been married to since 1957 and has three daughters with, remains by his side. “We still experience a kind of puppy love,” the Aviator costar said.

Alan Arlene Alda
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As for what’s in the future for him, Alan doesn’t have any sort of blue print for that quite yet. “I really have never made plans for the future,” he told the outlet. “My life is more of an improvisation. I just try to make the best of what’s in front of me.”

And there’s some good ahead for Alan, as fellow actor Tom Hanks will be presenting him with this year’s SAG (Screen Actor’s Guild) Life Achievement Award on January 27. And it’s just a bonus that both men are considered two of the nicest guys in the industry. “I guess it’s a counterbalance,” Alan joked to the Associated Press on Tuesday, Jan. 8. “To the rowdy reputation that a lot of actors have had over the last couple of hundred years, including the guy who shot Lincoln. So it’s good to balance the reputations of the acting profession.”