Al Pacino Celebrates 77th Birthday With 38-Year-Old Girlfriend Lucila Sola — See the Romantic Photos!

It looks like Al Pacino is still young at heart!

The 77-year-old actor recently celebrated his birthday by taking a beach vacation with his 38-year-old girlfriend Lucila Sola. The couple jetted off to Talum, Mexico in honor of the Scarface star’s special day. Some fans might raise their eyebrows at their relationship due to the 39 year age difference, but Al believes there’s much more to a person than age.

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“When you’re my age and someone says, ‘How old are you?’ it’s like asking me, ‘How much longer do you have left?'” Al told Closer in 2015. “I don’t know. I don’t think in numbers.”

al pacino lucila sola

Al and Lucila in Mexico.

What a great attitude — that must be why the couple has been together for almost a decade! Al, who has never been married, shares daughter Julie, 27, with ex-girlfriend Jan Tarrant and twins, Olivia and Anton, 16, with former partner Beverly D’Angelo.

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“I’ll tell you why — out of mistakes, and I’ve made plenty, I’ve learned,” Al continued. “Through those mistakes, I’ve met people, and my life has changed. Mistakes aren’t quite mistakes, unless you slip off a roof. Then you can’t come back.”

Click through the gallery below to see the rest of couple’s beach photos!