You go, girl! Selma Blair is a source of inspiration and wisdom on the job. At least that’s what her After costars said while recently opening up to Entertainment Tonight about working with the 46-year-old, who filmed the movie while battling multiple sclerosis after she was diagnosed in October.

“She’s wonderful. She’s a bucket full of sunshine and olives and everything good and nice,” gushed lead actress Josephine Langford, who plays the role of Selma’s daughter in the movie. “She’s hilarious and she’s lovely and she’s great as an actor.”

Selma Blair
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While both Josephine, also 21, and Hero opened up about Selma’s witty and hilarious sense of humor, Inanna Serkis couldn’t emphasize enough how kind the Cruel Intentions star is. “I love her … She was getting her makeup done the same time that I was and I was like, ‘I just really need to come up and say that I love you and you’re awesome!’ She was like, ‘Thank you!'” Inanna, 25, recalled. “I didn’t do any scenes with her, but she’s so sweet. I honestly love her… She’s the sweetest.”

Even Shane Paul McGhie — who never even met Selma — had nothing but nice things to say about her. “She followed me on Instagram one day and I was like… ‘Sorry that must have been the fan page,'” Shane remembered. “And then I saw the blue check and was like, ‘Oh my God.'” The Victor actor added that Selma “just exudes this very warm, positive, energy and I would love to give her, like, a really big hug.” Aww!

While it was the first time meeting Selma for many of the stars, director Jenny Gage has been a fan of the brunette beauty for years. “She’s an incredible actress,” Jenny said. “I’ve loved her since I was a 20-year-old girl myself. She’s so professional, so passionate and now we see her on this journey. She’s such a strong, incredible woman and such a force that it’s been great having her on the movie and knowing her afterwards.”

Ever since Selma shared the shocking and heartbreaking news of her MS diagnosis last fall, the Hellboy star has been taking her fans along on her difficult journey. Most recently, Selma revealed that, while she has much to be grateful for, day-to-day tasks and activities are starting to get much more complicated. “I am trying to remember to breathe. I can’t believe people do this easily,” she wrote in the caption of her post on Monday, April 8. “I hold my breath accidentally for oodles of time. That is problematic.”

Despite her struggles, Selma proves time and time again that she is one incredible person.