With just more than a month to go before their royal wedding, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle seem totally smitten with each other. But will their union last? Will their relationship be as loving as the marriage of Harry’s brother, Prince William, and sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, seems to be? Or will it sadly become as icy as that of Harry and William’s parents, Prince Charles and Princess Diana? To get the odds on Meghan and Harry’s success as a married couple, Closer Weekly exclusively spoke to relationship expert Dr. Danielle Forshee.

First, the good news. “[Their age] makes them at their prime to be able to create a long-lasting and loving relationship,” Dr. Forshee revealed. “Both have had life experiences that have prepared them for commitment.”

But because Meghan and Harry are “in the spotlight” and being “pulled in different directions,” Dr. Forshee has expert advice for them. “First, show frequent admiration, appreciation, and gratitude toward each other. Research suggests that expressing these things can provide booster shots for their relationships by increasing connection and satisfaction. Secondly, create daily rituals of connection. Research suggests that when couples have time carved out every day for each other — at least a half an hour — their relationship is likely to be buffered from outside influence and will maintain a stronger foundation over time,” she shared.

Meanwhile, one insider recently told the UK’s Daily Express that the couple’s success depends on how Meghan adjusts to her new normal. “I am a fan of Meghan and a few people keep asking me, ‘Do you think it will last?’ I think they will stay together if Meghan can handle the pressure of being a royal, which isn’t easy,” the source explained.

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At the moment, Meghan has only participated in a handful of official royal outings, but her calendar is about to get much busier. “She will feel the pressure of having a schedule… They will have a private secretary, who will come in in the mornings and give Ms. Markle a letter of engagements in the day,” the source shared. In fact, Meghan could face as many as five engagements per day in the future. “For her, getting used to that will be quite intense,” the insider added.

Granted, Meghan is accustomed to her dance card being full, so to speak. For example, she starred on Suits for its first seven seasons while founding and editing her lifestyle website The Tig, teaming up with Canadian clothing company Reitmans for a women’s fashion workwear line, and filming the small screen movies When Sparks Fly and Dater’s Handbook in that timeframe. (And don’t forget that she also somehow finds time to cook at home regularly and to exercise often.)

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Apparently, the 36-year-old thrives with a hectic schedule, and she appears to be handling her life with a prince quite capably. We expect her and Harry’s marriage to be royally successful… especially if they follow Dr. Forshee’s tips!

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