A new winner of Joanna GainesSilos Baking Competition has been crowned! Finalists Jake Hagen, Jessica Juma, Danise Lee, Lu Aussem and Thomas Fooshee faced off in an epic finale episode on Magnolia Network on June 25. Find out which contestant won the final showdown and the top prize.

Who Won ‘Silos Baking Competition’?

The pressure was on for the final five bakers as they faced Joanna and a panel of judges with their delicious-looking pastries. The six-episode season came to a close with the contestants each showcasing their best sugary treat. 

In the end, it was Lu who impressed the judging panel the most with her creation and was declared the winner. For her final dish, Lu decided to make her signature Devil Cakes, decadent chocolate cake sandwiched with vanilla frosting in the middle. She was the only contestant who baked the same dish that she previously made in the qualifier round. 

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For the baker, creating the pastry came with a lot of nostalgia and memories from a bakery she frequently visited as a child. She was elated to have the opportunity to share one of her favorite dishes with the Magnolia Network audience. 

“A lot of times we’d go there after church to get donuts, but they always had this cold case,” Lu told People after the episode aired. “They had these chocolate cakes with this whipped frosting center, and my sister and I would literally mow grass, get our money, ride our bikes down to the bakery and have these cakes because they were just so good.”

What Was the ‘Silos Baking Competition’ Prize?

As the winner of the popular series, Lu’s prize package included receiving the golden whisk trophy and $100,000. The TV personality also earned the chance to have her Devil Cakes sold at Joanna and Chip Gaines’ Silos Baking Company in Waco, Texas. 

Will There Be Another Season of ‘Silos Baking Competition’?

So far, another season of Silos Baking Competition has not officially been announced. Last year, a special holiday edition of the competition aired on Magnolia Network. Bishop Kevin Asher ended up walking away with the $25,000 cash prize and the opportunity to have his shortbread cookies featured at Silos Baking Company.

It’s likely that another holiday-centered baking show will air on Magnolia Network this year. Fans of Joanna are certainly looking forward to her hosting more exciting competition series and seeing more hilarious cameos from Chip on the channel in the future!