Jodie Foster had a red carpet date night with her wife, Alexandra Hedison, at the 2024 Academy Awards. After their glam night out at the Oscars, fans want to know more about the actress’ partner.

Who Is Jodie Foster’s Wife Alexandra Hedison?

Alexandra was born on July 10, 1969. She grew up in the entertainment industry, as her father, David Hedison, is an actor and her mom, Bridget Hedison, worked in production. Alexandra is a multi-faceted artist, with credits as an actress, filmmaker and photographer. Some of Alexandra’s acting credits include the sci-fi series Prey, as well as roles in Melrose Place and Lois & Clark. She also has various directing credits and has designed homes.

However, Alexandra prefers life out of the spotlight. She rarely attends red carpet events with Jodie and admitted in 2006 that acting was not satisfying for her. “I was supporting myself, but I was miserable,” she said. “Actors need to be front and center all the time. That’s not me.”

When Did Jodie Foster and Alexandra Hedison Get Married?

Alexandra and Jodie tied the knot in 2014 in a secret wedding ceremony. They had been dating for nearly a year when they walked down the aisle.

In a 2021 Instagram post, Alexandra gushed over her wife after she received a nomination at the Golden Globes. “Every day I’m a proud wife but today you get a special shout out in the remote land of IG,” she wrote. “I’ll have to show you my phone for you to see this but still … I’m shouting from the rooftops.”

Although Alexandra is very private, her relationship with Jodie was not her first high-profile romance. She also dated Ellen DeGeneres from 2000 until 2004. “I’d have to be Oprah to compete with her,” she said in a 2004 interview. “Hey, I admit that there are times that I can’t get a reservation at a hot restaurant unless I mention that it’s for me and Ellen.”

Does Jodie Foster Have Kids?

Jodie was previously in a long-term relationship with Cydney Bernard. They dated from 1993 until 2008 and had two sons together. Their eldest son, Charles, was born in 1998, followed by another son, Christopher “Kit”, in September 2001.

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The A-list actress gave birth to both boys and the identity of their biological father has not been revealed. Charles and Kit were raised by Jodie and Cydney.

What Has Jodie Foster Said About Her Sexuality?

Jodie made a major statement about her sexuality while accepting the Cecil B. DeMille Award at the 2013 Golden Globes.

“I have a sudden urge to say something that I’ve never been able to air in public,” she said. “So, a declaration that I’m a little nervous about but maybe not quite as nervous as my publicist right now, huh Jennifer? But I’m just going to put it out there, right? Loud and proud, right? So I’m going to need your support on this. I am single. Yes I am, I am single. No, I’m kidding. But I mean I’m not really kidding, but I’m kind of kidding. I mean, thank you for the enthusiasm. Can I get a wolf whistle or something?”

The Oscar winner then told the audience she wasn’t going to make a “big coming out speech” since she “already did [her] coming out a thousand years ago” to the “trusted” people in her life. She continued, “Now I’m told, apparently, that every celebrity is expected to honor the details of their private life with a press conference, a fragrance and a primetime reality show.”

However, Jodie insisted, “That’s just not me,” and explained that she “values privacy above all else.” Jodie never identified herself as “gay” in the speech. She would start dating Alexandra shortly after the award show.