We’re so sorry to hear this. Actor Tim Conway, 84, is sadly suffering from dementia and is “almost entirely unresponsive,” his daughter Kelly Conway has revealed. On Friday, Aug. 24, The Blast reported that Kelly is asking a judge to name her Tim’s appointed conservator so she can control his medical care as his health deteriorates.

According to Kelly, Tim’s wife, Charlene Conway, is “planning to move him out of the excellent skilled nursing facility he is currently at” and place him in one that won’t give him access to “registered nurses at all times and his 24-hour caregiver and speech therapist [to help with swallowing].”

Kelly also revealed that her TV star father cannot “properly provide for his personal needs for physical health, food, and clothing” and is sadly now “almost entirely unresponsive.”

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Tim in 2016. (Photo Credit: Splash)

The Carol Burnett Show actor most recently made headlines late last year when he was not part of The Carol Burnett 50th Anniversary Special that aired on CBS on Dec. 3 to honor his longtime co-star Carol Burnett. Since Tim did not appear in the special, many people worried that he may be in ill-health — and now we know he’s battling dementia. 

Earlier that month, The National Enquirer reported that Tim was dealing with a “health crisis” involving a rare brain condition that left him so dizzy and nauseous that he could barely walk. At the time, some sources said that the comic had been forced into retirement due to his illness, while others — including his former publicist Roger Neal — claimed the McHale’s Navy star was “just fine.”

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Insiders told the National Enquirer that the comedy legend was suffering from hydrocephalus, which is commonly referred to as water on the brain. However, Tim’s ex-publicist maintained that, thanks to an operation in 2009 during which Tim had a brain shunt implanted to help drain the water, he’s healthy. Another source previously said that the father-of-seven was living a normal life. “He’s been on cruises with his wife, throws barbecues when his kids visit, watches horseracing, and goes out to the track when he’s in the mood,” the source claimed. Scroll down to read more about Tim and his career!

What is Tim Conway’s age?

Tim was born on Dec. 15. 1933, so that makes him 84 years old today. 

What shows has Tim Conway been on?

Though The Carole Burnett Show ended in 1978, Tim remained active on the comedy scene until very recently. Not only did he have spots on Married… With Children and Mad About You, he won two more Emmys for his appearances on Coach and 30 Rock. In 2013, he released his memoir, What’s So Funny? My Hilarious Life, and reaching the younger generation, he even voiced Barnacle Boy on SpongeBob Squarepants.

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What is Tim Conway’s net worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Tim is worth an estimated $15 million. That impressive number may have a lot to do with his acting career — he’s been in the biz for over 50 years!